Monday motto

"Take every breath with the intent to become happier with every exhale, living your life with sadness is much worse than living in denial" unknown

changing it up

For many of us, our lives are full of schedules and routines. Looking back at the many weeks I have let my life fall into these ruts I decided to change that. This is how I did it. work out I really focused on building endurance ,muscle, and becoming fit. I used popsugar, a company that... Continue Reading →

for the books

Friends and memories are some of the most important things in your environment. They shape your opinions and can affect your views on influential things. How are you spending time with them? Spring break was recent and looking back on my week had me thinking. I️ have some friends that make me laugh and smile,... Continue Reading →

coming back

hello everyone, I decided to stop posting on this site after only being on it for abbot 2 weeks. I gave up on a passion of mine so quickly and I regret it, I'm sorry. For that reason I'm back. I am going to continuing writing for anyone who wants to listen. I will be... Continue Reading →

essential oils

Lately, essential oils have impacted my life so much! Here are some of my favorites and how you can use them. //lacy 1.peppermint Rub on your temples for when you have headaches Rub under your nose for congestion Rub on sore muscles or aches 2. eucalyptus Diffuse it for a clean and refreshing aroma Mix... Continue Reading →

food for thought

"if everyone were a color, and the world was a painting, would u be just another blue, just another green? Would you be that orange you see when the sun comes up? The small bit of green that hides on humming birds? The vibrant purple that coincides in the flowers of the fields in Paris?... Continue Reading →

mind over matter

Mind over matter, a simple phrase to describe the overcoming over physical setbacks using simply your mental abilities. Sounds like a super power given to spiritually enlightened people. Maybe, but maybe not. Mind over matter can simply mean pursuing your goal by putting your mind to it. But it also could mean so much more.... Continue Reading →


  The New Year has a lot of hype to its name. A day of traditions, friends, family, and crating new goals for the upcoming months. Unfortunately, people usually give up these goals by about now. I decided I would share with you some goals I set for myself and how I'm not giving up... Continue Reading →


Sundays have always been seen in either a fun way, or a negative way. Never both at the same time. I choose to depict Sunday in a different persona. I see Sunday as a day for finishing what you have started and then starting over. On Sunday, I sit down with lists of to dos... Continue Reading →

writers and authors

im not an incredible writer, I don't have a lot of experience or background at all, but yet I'm here. Im here writing down words for an audience of probably zero, and thats not going to change. But, I'm not an author because I write. No, I'm not an author at all. Im a woman,... Continue Reading →

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